Water pump unit
Water pump unit
Your needs are the direction of our research and development. KOOP will help you realize your dreams. With super strong pumping capacity, large flow, light design and easy mobility, it is widely used in agricultural irrigation, water supply and drainage of fishery pools, flood control and rescue, construction sites and tunnels, etc. Ordinary pump, high-pressure pump, cast iron pump, three types of diesel engine water pump units are available for you to choose, meeting your various needs.
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Gasoline Series
Gasoline Series
The KOOP gasoline series is a series of high-quality, reliable gasoline engines. These engines use advanced technology and innovative design, have excellent performance and durability, and are available in a wide range of displacements. They are widely used in generator sets, water pumps, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and other fields.
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Technology Power, Benefiting the World

Koop was established in 2007 as an international company focusing on the research and development, intelligent manufacturing, sales and service of small power engines and power machinery products.

Koop science continues to innovate and break through power technology and scene solutions to provide the world with high energy, wisdom, cleaning, and inclusive power ecosystem. Today, popularization has become the world's leading small power engine and power machinery providers. It has continued to aggressive in many fields such as diesel engines, gasoline engines, generator sets, water pump units, energy storage power, and modern agricultural machinery to maintain the market leadership.

As a national specialized new giant company and high -tech enterprise, popular science has always adhered to innovation -oriented, and is committed to promoting the progress of power technology, allowing the beauty of power to surpass imagination.

  • 30000units

    Annual production capacity of twin-cylinder power assembly line

  • 600000units

    Annual production capacity of single cylinder power assembly line

  • 150000units

    Annual production capacity of open-frame unit assembly line

  • 80000units

    Annual production capacity of silent unit assembly line

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Koop has always actively pursued an innovation-driven strategy

Over the years, Koop has devoted itself to the research of new technologies, new materials and new processes in the field of power engines and power electronics, and has invested heavily in this regard, so that the company is always at the forefront of innovation.

At least 30 patents are born in Science Popularization every year
Many products have obtained US EPA, EU CE certification, and Euro 5 emission certification
Provincial high-tech enterprise
Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center

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Koop moving forward and keep developing

The Koop R&D team is always ready to meet the increasingly differentiated needs of the market and the increasingly stringent clean emission regulations of the whole society.
  • Outdoor Camping
    Outdoor Camping
  • Agricultural irrigation
    Agricultural irrigation
  • Shipping
  • Construction work
    Construction work
  • Mechanical supporting
    Mechanical supporting
  • Agricultural machinery
    Agricultural machinery
Koop Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of small power engines and emergency electricity supply systems. The core team is composed of senior technical experts and management elites in the industry, with leading design capabilities and rich engineering practice in the fields of internal combustion engines and power electronics technology. Through unremitting efforts, Kepu has developed into a leading professional supplier of small power engines and mobile power supply industries in China.
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