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Founded in 2007, popular science is an international company focusing on the R & D, intelligent manufacturing, sales and service of small power engines and power machinery products. With the mission of "science and technology power, inclusive world", science popularization continues to innovate and break through power technology and scene solutions, and provides the world with high energy, wisdom, cleaning, and inclusive power ecosystem.

Today, popularization has become the world's leading small power engine and power machinery providers. A number of companies such as the popular science power, Kippon Agriculture, Xingpu Technology, Chongqing Canglus are working hand in hand, and are continuously aggressive The market is leading. We redefine services and create a pleasure experience for users. We actively think about customer needs and solve problems, and have won respect and affirmation of the global market. Today, popular science products and services have spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

As a national specialty new small giant company and high -tech enterprises, science popularization has always adhered to innovation -oriented, and is committed to promoting the progress of power technology, allowing the beauty of power to surpass imagination. We integrate the construction of national enterprise technology centers and testing centers to continue to break through in key technical fields such as clean power, intelligence, 5G networking, and electronic electronic control, and build technical and innovation to support the core driving force for science popularization.

Popular science always insists on creating products with the goal of high standards and high quality. The leading quality of popular science power, relying on leading technology, equipment, quality systems, and accumulation and precipitation created in the past 20 years. In popular science, strict quality management always runs through the entire process of production. All members participate in quality, comprehensive quality management, and zero defect management. We require the product to be carved and excellence. Among them, create value for customers.

Facing the future, science popularization will continue to adhere to "power+" as the product positioning, innovation as the original power, customer satisfaction and movement as the goal, with talents and partners as the foundation, and open cooperation with global partners. Establish a global enterprise platform, form a higher development trend of strategic leading, brand -leading, product -leading, and leading management, and support the high -quality and sustainable development of popular science.

Thank you for paying attention to popular science and we are in the great cause of "improving life" with us. Xu Business is thick, Xu Technology is warm, and Xu customers are happy. Please believe that beauty is about to happen forever!

  • 658people

    Employees at SciencePop Group

  • 15strip

    Assembly line

  • 68people

    R & D personnel

  • 1.2million

    Production line capacity

Company History
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Corporate Honors
  • Total valid patent: 127 pieces
  • Invention patent: 38 pieces
  • Practical new type: 54 pieces
  • Appearance patent: 35 pieces
  • Registered trademark: 16 pieces
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Koop Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of small power engines and emergency electricity supply systems. The core team is composed of senior technical experts and management elites in the industry, with leading design capabilities and rich engineering practice in the fields of internal combustion engines and power electronics technology. Through unremitting efforts, Kepu has developed into a leading professional supplier of small power engines and mobile power supply industries in China.
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