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Welding generator set KDF7500WE

Your needs are the direction of our research and development. KOOP will help you realize your dreams.

KEP has developed the third generation of ultra-high current welding generator sets, equipped with KEP's self-developed KD192F direct injection diesel engine, which can continuously provide ultra-high welding current of more than 220A, making your welding more efficient and applicable to a wider range. The company is developing the Super Welding King, which uses a twin-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine as a power source, and the welding current can reach 300A.

product features

One machine for two purposes

With two uses, electric welding and power generation, you can have two machines at once.

Super strong welding

Equipped with KOOP's powerful air-cooled, four-stroke diesel engine, it can output and convert super strong welding current.

High conversion rate

All-copper motor, F-class insulation, high conversion efficiency; intelligent voltage regulation AVR voltage is stable and voltage waveform distortion is small.

Safe and fuel-efficient

The head clearance oil pump and low inertia injection system are safer than gasoline, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free experience.


Lightweight design, compact structure, four-wheel mobility, convenient and fast.

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