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Multi-cylinder diesel engine KD2V100F
Multi-cylinder diesel engine KD2V100F
Multi-cylinder diesel engine KD2V100F



Power Type

V-twin, upright, four-stroke

cooling method

Air Cooling

Combustion System

Direct injection

Cylinder diameter x stroke (mm)


Piston displacement (L)


Rated power/speed (kW/rpm)


Rated power


Fuel consumption(g/kW.h)


Lubricating oil capacity (L)


Overall size (mm)


Net weight kg


The popular science research and development team has always taken foreign advanced engine technology as a benchmark to design an excellent fuel injection power system. Combining exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality concepts, it has created a powerful, safe and reliable diesel engine. The high-performance fuel injection system ensures high-efficiency operation, ensures lower fuel consumption and optimization of emission indicators, and the advanced intake system upgrade greatly reduces the engine noise level.


High product performance

Covering multiple aspects involving product performance, the product has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, strong power and low noise.

Technological innovation, long service life

Continuous innovation in process details, improvement in product assembly, good running-in between related components, high strength, smooth engine operation, low vibration and long service life.

High-end positioning, high-quality components

The KOOP brand is positioned in the high-end diesel engine market. The key components are all produced in cooperation with well-known suppliers, starting from raw materials to ensure high-quality products.

Easy maintenance and low operating costs

Easy maintenance, convenient access to the engine, high combustion efficiency, low fuel consumption, high torque, strong power and low operating costs.

Lightweight design and more compact structure

The new generation of small diesel engines has a more reasonable design and greater output power under the same volume, making it easier to match various machines and meet a variety of uses.

agricultural machine

Outdoor Projects

Emergency Power Supply

Application Reserve

Ship and vehicle

product features

Ultra-low fuel consumption

It adopts top clearance oil pump and bottom inertia fuel injection pump technology, combined with a new combustion chamber and high combustion consumption rate, and its fuel consumption economy is much lower than that of gasoline engines.


It has large reserve torque, strong power and inherent super overload capacity.

Low noise level

The well-designed gear transmission structure can greatly reduce vibration and noise, and the air filter significantly reduces intake and exhaust noise.

Safe and reliable

Exquisite craftsmanship and strict quality concept ensure product safety and reliability.

Wide range of applications

A variety of output formats are available for customers to choose


Vertical, V-twin cylinder design, compact structure, large displacement, strong power

Low noise level

The well-designed gear transmission structure can greatly reduce vibration and noise, and the air filter significantly reduces intake and exhaust noise.

Easy to start

Multi-hole injection, equipped with a reduction motor, easy and reliable starting.

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Koop Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of small power engines and emergency electricity supply systems. The core team is composed of senior technical experts and management elites in the industry, with leading design capabilities and rich engineering practice in the fields of internal combustion engines and power electronics technology. Through unremitting efforts, Kepu has developed into a leading professional supplier of small power engines and mobile power supply industries in China.
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