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The opening ceremony of the new plant of Koop and the third supplier conference
 Dec 14, 2016|View:2016

Build quality outside and shape feelings inside

——Popularizers of science are always moving forward

On November 28, the "New Plant Inauguration Ceremony and the 3rd Supplier Conference" of Changzhou Kepu Power Machinery Co., Ltd. was held at the Kepu New Plant in Wujin Economic Development Zone, Changzhou. The conference brought together more than 100 outstanding companies in the diesel engine manufacturing industry supply chain. Leaders of Jiangyin Feida, Chongqing Shenchi, Nanjing Weifu, Chongqing Xinyuan and other companies and Jiang Jianbiao, general manager of Koop Power, jointly cut the ribbon for the completion of the new plant. The scene was packed with guests, big names and highlights.

The conference was hosted by Zhang Guanghui, deputy general manager of Koop. General Manager Jiang Jianbiao delivered a keynote speech, showing Koop's ambition to be committed to the "small power engine and mobile power" business, reflecting the sincerity of cooperation with suppliers to make our common business bigger and stronger, and communicating with the guests on the domestic and foreign market environment and Kepu's future development plan. After the conference, the leaders of Koop led all the guests to visit the new factory and new production equipment, and experienced the precision operation process of the single-cylinder diesel engine, double-cylinder diesel engine, open-frame generator set, silent generator set and ultra-silent generator set automatic production line at close range. The guests on the scene praised it and the atmosphere was high.

Against the backdrop of a continued sluggish market environment, the science and technology company proactively adjusted its development strategy, changed its operational thinking, adopted a market route driven by both international and domestic markets, and focused on building its own brand, breaking through the trend and achieving initial results.

The business world is full of ups and downs. Looking back at the past, the achievements are comforting; looking forward to the future, the prospects are infinitely bright! The people of Science Popularization are ready to go and fulfill their solemn promise of "Let global users enjoy the happy experience brought by Science Popularization's high-quality products."

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Koop Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of small power engines and emergency electricity supply systems. The core team is composed of senior technical experts and management elites in the industry, with leading design capabilities and rich engineering practice in the fields of internal combustion engines and power electronics technology. Through unremitting efforts, Kepu has developed into a leading professional supplier of small power engines and mobile power supply industries in China.
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