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Charm blooms science popularization 2016 21st China Yongkang International Hardware Fair
 Oct 15, 2016|View:1410

The China Yongkang International Hardware Exhibition was grandly opened in Yongkang, Zhejiang on July 15. The exhibition has a long history of 20 sessions and is also a major event for hardware and electrical products.

Under the instruction of General Manager Jiang and General Manager Han, the domestic sales department made careful preparations and brought four series of products of our company, including diesel single-cylinder and double-cylinder generator sets, diesel welding sets, gasoline generator sets, and diesel water pump sets, to the exhibition. With sufficient preparation, high-quality products, good corporate image and superior exhibition performance, our company has won unanimous praise from peers and dealers. At the same time, with superb technical level and high-performance electromechanical equipment, our company has once again become a highlight in the industry, attracting many merchants to visit and consult, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with many dealers.

This is a feast of the industry in 2016, and it is also a journey of harvest. Our exhibits are particularly popular in this exhibition. Changzhou KOP Power has achieved long-term development in the field of electromechanical and agricultural machinery in recent years, with remarkable achievements. With a certain brand foundation and steady development, it has become a well-known electromechanical enterprise at home and abroad. With good market operation capabilities, we have occupied a pivotal position in the fields of electromechanical, agricultural machinery, etc. Despite this, we know that "there is a long way to go". We will also continue to improve product quality, accelerate the creation of the KOOP brand, face market demand rationally, and create more high-quality services for our users.

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