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Silent generator set KDF16000Q(-3)
低噪音发电机组 KDF16000Q(-3)
低噪音发电机组 KDF16000Q(-3)



Frequency (Hz)


Voltage (V)

230 400

Rated power (kVA)

11.0 13.75

Power limit (kVA)

12.0 15.0

Number of phases

Single phase/three phase

Excitation method

Brush self-excitation

Power factor (φ)

1.0 0.8

Insulation class


Fuel tank capacity (L)


Noise level at 7 meters (dB)


Power model


Startup method

Electric start

Power Type

Twin cylinder four stroke air cooled vertical

Cylinder diameter*stroke (mm)


Displacement (L)


Compression ratio

19 : 1

Speed ​​(rpm)


Engine power (kW)


Oil capacity (L)


Fuel brand

Diesel: 0# (summer), -10# (winter)

Engine oil brand

SAE10W30 (CF grade and above)

Dimensions (mm)


Net weight (kg)


Two-stage silencer, scientific air duct design, and super sound-absorbing materials ensure low-level noise during operation and are widely used in emergency situations in homes and shops.

It can be matched with remote control, ATS automatic switching technology and overload protection, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality life without worries.

product features

Double stage silencer

Scientific shock absorption effect, double-stage muffler, advanced air duct design and muffler device.


All are equipped with KOOP four-stroke diesel engines, using top clearance oil pump and low-inertia injection technology, with full combustion and strong power.

High conversion rate

All-copper motor, F-class insulation, high conversion efficiency; intelligent voltage regulation AVR, stable voltage, small voltage waveform distortion.

Preheating device

Equipped with air preheating device, it is easy to start at low temperature.

Multiple options

Remote control technology, control at any time and anywhere as you wish.

ATS realizes fast and automatic switching between mains power and diesel power, so light is always with you.

The intelligent digital display control panel has overload, overvoltage, overcurrent and low oil pressure protection functions, allowing you to use it without worry.

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